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Ladies Night Out at Solar Gardens

An event brought to you by the Silverspring Community Association. Join us for an evening of fun, laughter, dinner and a succulent bowl class that you get to keep at the end of the night. Transportation is included to and from the event.

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Cycling in the City: Intro to Cycle Commuting

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular, both as a recreational activity and as an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation.

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The Silverspring Community 2018 Spring Softball Season is Cancelled

Unfortunately the softball coordinator position remains vacant and the Silverspring Community Association is unable to run the program.

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Through a New Lens

The nature photographs used throughout our website are courtesy of the students from Silverspring School, grades 4 to 8.

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Events Calendar

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The Silverspring Community Association is always looking for volunteers to fill vacant board positions, coach community sports teams or help organize a community event to name a few. See the list below for positions available and click on the link for more information.

Indoor Coordinator x2
Softball Coordinator

Soccer Coordinator x2
Rink Assistant

Member At Large x3


We offer a variety of indoor programming in partnership with neighbouring communities for all ages. For an opportunity to teach a new or an existing program within your community, follow the 3 easy steps by clicking here. This is a paid position.

Currently none available.

Currently none available.